Igor Palka
CEO - bC expo pvt ltd
Exhibition Excellence Awards

  1. What is your feedback about Exhibition Excellence Awards?

It was a well conducted Award Ceremony with many stakeholders from the Industry. The whole event could definitely grow in future and streamline the categories in the upcoming events


2. How do you feel after receiving the award?

I am happy for the whole team of BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA whose work is awarded and appreciated


3. What do you think why these awards are significant for the industry?

As the awards happened for the very first time, it was a great platform for the industry to gather together and recognize the achievements. In the long run, on establishing these awards, many more industry players will take part and the competition will become even more challenging.


4. What can be done to make the event better?

Have less categories and do award maximum two awards per category, otherwise the whole award ceremony takes too much time


5. What should be the periodicity of holding the awards – Quarterly, Six months, Yearly, Bi-annually?

I think if you hold the awards to frequently it won’t be special or awaited. Conducting the event every year or even bi-annually would make it more unique and a focus event of the industry

6. What are your goals for the year 2016?

To conduct the biggest BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA ever.  We are aiming for over 700 exhibitors on a surface of 1,5 Lakh of square meter


7. What has been your organization growth in 2015 vis-a-vis 2014 ?

BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA is a bi-annual event. The growth can be therefore only determined by the end of this year


7.What can India learn from International Exhibition Industry?

The continuously mentioned infrastructure is missing in India. We need more state-of-the-art exhibition venues. Moreover we finally need the recognition as an Industry here in India


8.What are your 3 personal favorite trade shows and why?

In India besides BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA: Auto Expo, IFAT India, Indian Ceramics. Reason: because of their size and importance for the respective industry

Worldwide: bauma in Munich, Conexpo in Las Vegas and bauma China in Shanghai. Why? Very simple: those are the largest trade fairs for the Construction Industry and the global leading trade fairs

9. 3 Things required to succeed in exhibition industry?

A solid database and network, organizational skills and a great team to execute the exhibitions


10. 5 Most critical things to take care of while setting a successful show?

Creating awareness through Marketing to establish/position the trade fair, transparency towards the customers, understanding the customer’s needs, following the project plan and timeline, keeping buffers in budgets and deadlines


11.If you were the Decision Maker for the Future of Indian Exhibition Industry, what all will you incorporate in your action plan?

The list would be probably very long, however three important points are the establishment of further high-qualitative exhibition centers, to achieve the recognition of the Exhibition Industry as a real Industry and getting more support from the government, higher concentration on health and safety regulations by making several regulations mandatory and establishing more opportunities to learn/study on how to become an Event Manager with regards to Exhibitions and Conferences


12. Please give some feedback about Exhibition Showcase magazine

Exhibition showcase has managed to establish itself as one of the important magazines for the industry 

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